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Legal Positivism and General Jurisprudence I

  • John Finnis (Oxford University) 'On Hart's Ways: Law as Reason and as Fact'
  • Sir Neil MacCormick (University of Edinburgh) 'Jurisprudence after Hart: Issues of Method and Value'
  • Chair: Antony Hatzistavrou (Cambridge University)

Legal Positivism and General Jurisprudence II

  • David Lyons (Boston University) 'The Legal Entrenchment of Illegality'
  • Wilfrid Waluchow (McMaster University) 'Legality, Morality, and the Guidance Function of Law'
  • Jeremy Waldron (NYU) 'Hart and the Rule of Law'
  • Chair: Quentin Skinner (Cambridge University)

Criminal Responsibility

  • Antony Duff (University of Stirling) 'Responsibility and Liability'
  • John Gardner (Oxford University) 'Hart and Feinberg on Responsibility'
  • Chair: Claire Grant (Birkbeck College, London)


  • Judith Jarvis Thomson (MIT) 'Some Reflections on Causation in the Law
  • Richard Wright (Chicago-Kent College of Law) 'The Nightmare and the Noble Dream: Causation and Responsibility'
  • Chair: Tony Honoré (Oxford University)


  • Hillel Steiner (University of Manchester) 'Are There Still Any Natural Rights?'
  • Leif Wenar (University of Sheffield) 'The Nature of the Claim'
  • Chair: Baroness Onora O'Neill (British Academy)


  • Brad Hooker (Reading University) 'Justice, Fairness, and Hart'
  • Philip Pettit (Princeton University) 'Liberty and Liberties'
  • Chair: Serena Olsaretti (Cambridge University)

Liberty and Toleration

  • Leslie Green (Oxford University/University of Texas) 'Tolerance and Understanding'
  • Susan Mendus (University of York) 'Private Faces in Public Places'
  • Alan Ryan (New College, Oxford) 'Liberty, Privacy, and Cruelty'
  • Chair: T.R.S. Allan (Cambridge University)